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We can discuss the psychology behind it all day, but there's clearly a market for that otherwise the studios wouldn't make it. There also seems to be an fairly endless number of decent looking young guys with good bodies who are willing to perform for these studios.

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No idea how much pressure a place like CorbinFisher puts on a hot young guy who does a solo for them to start having sex on camera, but their "conversion rate" isn't all that high. As for what these guys true sexuality is, I doubt they have a real handle on it themselves. Though I do sometimes wonder what becomes of a guy like CF's Lucas, who spent a good deal of time in his late teens and early 20s having sex with men on camera and was seemingly in love with Dawson for a while too.

Did he go back to a normal hetero life?

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Does he dismiss it all as a multi-year "experiment"? No idea. They all say this stuff. Both Logan Moore and Hans Berlin, who identify as gay, say they want to do straight porn. His earlier ChaosMen scenes were better than the Men or Bromo stuff; no contrived story lines, he didn't shave his body hair, and barebacking had an odd mystique taboo.

I get their names all confused these days. If you go away from gay porn and come back in a year, none of the names will be familiar. His crazy, bipolar, bisexual persona is very sexy - to me anyway. He is quite the grifter however if all the stories are true , so beware if you happen to befriend him. As many DLs already said before: Case closed.

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He's full of contradictions. He certainly seems to like having sex with men in his videos, but he's fathered at least two children. I believe he's admitted to being bipolar. He has plenty of mugshots out there: For some stupid reason, I seem to be attracted to bipolar guys. And I like shorties. I think he's splendid. It would be great if some day, he could see himself that way. He really is the perfect gay porn model - SEXY, masculine, ripped, hairy, loves bottoming for bare cocks, eats cum and takes cream pies in his sexy ass Honestly, what is there NOT to love???

LOVE him. He's doing what turns him on. The problem is, he's posting it publicly and has two kids, both of whom WILL, absolutely WILL be treated like pariahs in school because he's so public with it. I feel bad for him, for the regret he's going to feel or the prison time he gonna do defending his kids one day when some evil bastard decides to hate on them and make them feel like hell.

I wish he'd delete that shit or put up a tweety-paywall as soon as possible. I love watching his freebies, but his kids' future is more important than the dollar or ten per month he'd have to charge to keep them protected from stuff they'll get harassed mercilessly about. And there's nowhere to move to get away from it, either. It's OUT there. He's not just dancing on twitter, he's got porn on twitter.

When you have kids, you've got to be more accountable to their futures than that. I wish him luck, and this isn't sour grapes, he's frickin' hot and gorgeous enough to love, but he's being irresponsible with kids. I don't aid that silently by being quiet about it. He put "Aspen" into his name because he has it tattooed on him. I like his work with Chaos where he seem to really enjoy getting fucked. He doesn't read that short on screen, at least to me. That Gabriel Cross, now that is a short man.

I thought Aspen was the name of his dog that he lived in his car with, before he did porn and had kids.

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I'm sure his kids are gonna be totally fine when they or even worse their friends find out that there are videos of dad getting bred and creampied by random guys on the internet. I sort of like him. He must be some sort of bisexual, because with certain partners he performs very well and with other most others he is dull and lifeless.

I don't mind the fact that he isn't ripped because I like a variety, I mean what's the point of porn if everyone is a clone of each other. So I'd say he is more straight than gay but when he is attracted to someone he performs with he does well. I think his best work is with Chaos.

Could someone explain Aspen to me?

He scenes there was much more enthusiastic than the ones he phone in over at MEN. I love fucking pocket gays. I saw a video of Aspen bottoming for Robert Repulveda Jnr. He was taking that diseased 10 inch dick and screaming like a stuck pig. He enjoys men dominating him, fucking him bareback, and then dropping their loads in his mouths. Not sure what there is to explain. He is VERY filthy. There is a video on ChaosMen with lots of ass to mouth, spanking, bondage, and even hot wax.

The owner of his site goes out of his way in the description to note that this isn't something he directed them to do but rather something Solomon asked for repeatedly. ChaosMen isn't really a kink site like that. Also I think he probably really does like women at least somewhat. On camera he is very comfortable being sexual with men and comfortable talking about it in interviews. I think he would only fuck dudes if thats all he wanted to fuck. He's a bareback whore who will apparently do anything or anyone for the right price Op I sold glow-in-the-dark hula hoops on the boardwalk in Rehoboth when I was a teenager.

It was humiliating, but I made a giant load of money, cash, tips, so I showed up daily with a smile on my face.

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  • LOL at the comments about him being closeted. He's a gay porn star for fuck sake, if he was a closeted gay there is no way he would do gay porn for the entire world to see.

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    He clearly doesn't give a shit what people think about his sexuality, so why would he be closeted. He's very clearly bisexual. It does exist, some gays are just that stupid and ignorant that they cant bring themselves to accept bisexuality. You would think that due to the abuse we had over the years with society about being gay you would be more accepting of other sexuality's.

    R, those vids are hella hot. Thank you, R The idea that these straight guys who do gay porn are bisexual or even gay because of it is just stupid as fuck. Seems pretty clear he's a G4P mess that will do pretty much anything if the money is good enough. The G4P thing isn't all that surprising OP and it's easier for straight guys to bottom as they don't need to get it up.

    Of course, if you're stupid enough to believe that human sexuality is a strict binary that "not straight" must mean "gay" then of course you'll respond that way and it's because you're a clueless moron. But there is no straight guy in the world who would eagerly, enthusiastically have gay sex on film for all the world to see as any sort of career. It just doesn't happen. Some certainly do solos. Some may even get jacked off or sucked off for money.