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The real Death left Darius with his job to search for Gaia and Syndel , and for fifteen years, Darius, disguised as Death, has overseen the deaths of everyone, and keeping his identity a secret from his children and Rhea. Darius, under the disguise of Death, met Rhea shortly after she was murdered. Naturally she was distraught over the fact that she was dead and that Death himself was judging her on whether she goes to Heaven or Hell. However because she was not good enough to go to Heaven, but not evil enough for Hell, he decided to take her to the Ring of the Slightly Damned where she would be assigned to Buwaro , who would act as her Demon Supervisor during her stay.

One day he visited them after they had met Seymour Sinclair and asked to have them deliver a letter to Sakido , Buwaro's sister. Darius eventually pushed him away before he could get Buwaro to drink alcohol. Just as he says his good-byes, a large pillar of light appears off in the distance, towards Hell. He immediately flew off to investigate, demanding Cerberus to let him in and to tell him what that light was. He is denied as the Red head of Cerberus told him that they do not fear him and even state that he was not their true master.

He was surprised though possibly an act on his part to hear that Buwaro can only stay sane while wearing his Star Emblem.

Rhea discovered that he was keeping money in his sleeve and after being insulted by him, was prepared to attack him. Darius stopped the two and took Beauregard elsewhere, while Rhea is forced to live with Sakido for the time being. Overtime, Darius would continue to visit Rhea, who has now gotten along with Buwaro and was also delighted to hear that Sakido was getting along too.

However the Skull of the Blue Cerberus Head , which Darius wore in order to maintain his disguise, reminded him of the deal he made with Death, while Blue is reminded himself how he was decapitated and cursed him for leaving his post. Darius then asked him where exactly Death has gone over the past 15 years while Blue tried to maintain his faith in him. After Blackbeak the Khamega Pirate King passed by while swimming through the River Styx, Blue told him the truth; that Death went to search for Gaia and Syndel as they were missing too.

Darius showed some concern but decided to continue his job as Death as that was all they could do. Despite his objections from before, Darius is still at his job at the time Rhea and her friends are in St. Curtis for the Flower Festival. This caused Darius to sneeze a couple times in connection to him not giving Buwaro a birth date. Sometime after St. Curtis was ruined by the demon invasion, Darius and Blue would be spotted by Rhea without their full disguise, pondering about why the Book of Records was wrong about the death of an old Jakkai they found. They then notice Rhea, who can see them somehow and after she started screaming, the two of them started screaming as well.

Flabbergasted, Darius wonders how she is able to see them while she angrily yells at them to remove the disguise after hearing the skull say his name. He then decides to take off Blue and reveal himself for who he really is.

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He soon confirmed his identity, while also shocked that Rhea already knew his name and had read his diary, and demanded she told him how she was in MediusM. While he was happy that Buwaro was healthy and was in a relationship with a Suizahn , he still desired to learn about how they got here.

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He elaborated on what happens with the souls of Medians who enter the Afterlife, and the souls of Angels and Demons who merely return to Gaia or Syndel to be reused for new life. Rhea, overwhelmed by the amount of information given, asks if he wanted to see Buwaro; though excited, Darius is informed by Blue that they might not be able to since they have not seen a single Demon or Angel while in Medius. Shortly after, their bodies begin to fade, as they were only allowed to stay for a short time just to get one of the lost souls.

Before disappearing for good, Rhea leaps onto Darius to ask him if the Book of Records was wrong about her and why she was murdered. Prior to becoming Death, he had the following abilities.

It is unknown whether or not he still retains them. Earth Magic: A natural ability for all Earth Angels, Darius has shown proficient skills in using this magic, especially when using all three of his Angel Emblems and still not being considered a Seraph Angel. Among his spells he is also capable of creating makeshift graves for anyone he needs to bury. Holy Magic: As an Angel he has shown to have some skill in Holy Magic, not just in healing but also in able to put targets to sleep and removing the Holy Protection Magic from his emblems.

Disguise Form — Death: A red curse mark is shown briefly on the forehead after removal and before turning to black.

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Great Book of Records: A seemingly omniscient book that lists every person in the world of Medius. Through the book, Darius is able to learn when and how a person dies and determine where the recently deceased will go according to what the book says.

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There are also times where a death can occur outside of what was predetermined in the book. He also seems to wear glasses when using the book, which may be the same ones he had prior to becoming Death. Judgement Scales: As Death, Darius has power and dominion over the dead, thus by conjuring up these scales he can decide where they go based on judging how much good or bad they did while living, and puts them where he ultimately decides they belong.

Holy Earth Scythe formerly: His weapon of choice, has been shown to be used not only in melee combat but also when using Earth Magic. The blade has small openings that bares a slight resemblance to the Magic Affinity Symbol representing Earth. Sun Emblem formerly: Prior to giving it to Sakido, Darius possessed this and two other pendants which increased his capabilities when worn. Star Emblem formerly: Prior to giving it to Buwaro, Darius possessed this and two other pendants which increased his capabilities when worn.

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