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Aug 3, Messages: I have been struggling with this particular issue for a while now: How did gay people meet each other before online dating existed? I can't imagine that adult gay couples I see today all met at a gay bar, this can't be the case So where do I go? What do I do? I'm 21 years old, and I'm tired of meeting the superficial sleazes you often find online or at the bars, who are mostly interested in one thing I want to get away from this sad world, and meet people out in the real world.

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Does anyone have advice to get me started? And before anyone mentions "join a club at school", this isn't possible. The only "gay" club at school is one that revolves around politics. I'm not interested in that, and I don't have a passion for it. It would be unfair to the few members of the club on campus for me to join just to meet other people. I was thinking about maybe starting my own club, but then again I'm going to be a senior and I don't know where to even start. I don't even really have gay friends, except for one, and I met him online heh. Please, someone with experience, help me. FJ Cruiser.

Jul 17, Messages: Deep in the Heart. It depends on how open you are about your homosexuality. If you have no problem letting people know different than flaunting , you could just ask all of your friends if they know any other gay guys.

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  • If they are good friends, I don't think they'd have a problem helping you in your search. I'm under the impression that Seattle has a significant gay population, so I'm sure there are plenty of great guys to meet. Maybe instead of joining a club, start your own. I realize that if you're more on the introverted side like me, that can be really hard, but sometimes you just have to put yourself out there.

    The trick is to think outside of the box.

    Apr 8, Messages: Orlando Gender: Male Gender Pronoun: He Sexual Orientation: Gay Out Status: Out to everyone. Like FJ said it depends on how open you are. I usually meet guys through friends, its a better filter then going to clubs, since friends usully have your better interest at heart.

    Where to Meet Smart Gay Men

    Nothing wrong with putting out some lures too, tell friends you are looking ask them to ask around for you. Aug 1, Messages: Vancouver, BC Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: I have the same issue as you ezkill! In fact, i could have written your post haha. I will lurk and read other people's advice now Apr 26, Messages: Canada Gender: Hi there!

    If your school club isn't an option, what about a LGBT support group in your community? Feb 18, Messages: Belgium, EU Gender: I do think the best way of meeting friends is through other friends. If you're open about being gay and on the market for meeting more gay people, they might remember some of their other gay friends who they would otherwise not introduce to you, and extend an introduction anyway.

    I must confess it hasn't worked that great for me it seems all other gay people in my friends' extended circle are radically different from me , but I have heard of people who have met a lot of interesting people that way. And then, of course, there's the option of just contacting that club on campus, being honest that they're not what you seek, but ask them whether they know of any less-politically focused groups in the vicinity.

    5 Ways To Meet Gay Men If You Haven’t Come Out Yet

    Make sure the app you choose safeguards your anonymity. About 1 out of 5 relationships begin online , making dating sites more popular than ever. You set your sexual orientation on your profile and the site will only hook you up with your preferred gender. Adam4Adam is a dating site geared towards gay men. The site is primarily used to find sex partners, but it still works for finding relationships. You can filter profiles by age, race, weight, sexual position, and relationship status.

    5 Ways To Meet Gay Men If You Haven't Come Out Yet -

    This dating site is free to join and has unlimited characters for your biography. This gives you an opportunity to explain your situation to potential partners. Users can also coordinate events on GayFriendFinder like gay game nights or queer book club meetings. This is a good option if you want to know how to meet guys without having sex. Once again: If your safety depends on it, conceal your identity online. You can show your face pictures to dating site users you like and trust later on in the meeting process.

    On Facebook, there are tons of groups just for gay men. If you want to avoid the risk of getting outed from the closet , create an alternative Facebook account strictly for gay purposes. You can upload faceless photos and fun memes that reflect your personality. Create a discrete Twitter profile with a faceless picture as your icon. From there, post more pictures of yourself with accompanying descriptions.